Spell Numbers From 1 To 100 In French Words

Spelling numbers up to 100 in French. Write numbers from 1 to 100 in French. Pronunciation and how to spell 1-100 correctly.

Spell Numbers 1-100 In French Words

To write and remember the correct spelling of French numbers from 1 to 100 you better learn the language rules for writing numbers into French words.

Numbers from 1 to 20 are mostly unique words that should be remembered. Between 21 and 30, French numbers are formed by placing the word 'vingt' in front of the last digit.

Numbers from 30 and up to a thousand are formed analogously, by connecting the tens term 'trente' and the one digit with a hyphen. For the hundreds 'cent', an 's' must be added in the plural(from 200 it means 'cents' and not 'cent'). The same rule applies to one million.

Numbers over one hundred are formed by prefixing the name of the hundred block and connecting the words without spaces.

Due to the special logic of the numbers starting from 70 (for example 80 = 'quatre-vingt' 4*20) you deviate from other languages of the European area. In addition to the basic numbers 1-10 one should memorize so the numbers from 70 particularly.
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